Morning Sickness Electrolyte Ice Lollies

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Morning Rescue Coconut & Lemon Ice Lollies

Morning sickness is hideous.  And if you’re incredibly unlucky, it won’t just hit you in the morning.  There’s a long history of using natural herbs to relieve sickness.  Lemon and ginger have traditionally been used to treat stomach upsets and nausea.  

These Coconut Water & Lemon Ice Lollies have tummy soothing ingredients, and natural electrolytes to help replace these nutrients you may lose during this time. Not only this, they also taste like the lemonade ice lollies you enjoyed as a child, but a more grown up version, with a delicate coconut flavour and a subtle spike of ginger.


2 Morning Rescue Tea Bags

1 Lemon

150 ml Coconut milk

2 tsp honey


Brew the Morning Rescue Tea in 300ml water from a freshly boiled kettle 

Allow to cool slightly

Squeeze in the lemon juice, add the honey, coconut milk and stir.

Pour in to ice lolly moulds and freeze for 4 hours



This recipe is also great frozen into ice cubes and whizzed up to make a granita. If you are feeling all 'cheffy' you could also add some chopped stem ginger and lemon zest before serving.

Alternatively this can be served chilled as Coconut Lemonade, just add an extra 150 - 200ml of coconut water, and a handful of ice. It will keep in a sealed bottle for up to a week in the fridge. Make sure to shake well before pouring. 

Morning Rescue Electrolyte Ice Lollies


Coconut water is one of the best natural ways to replace electrolytes in your body.  It contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C and B, and antioxidants. 

It is gentle on your stomach and will replace any fluids lost through morning sickness during pregnancy. 

There are also links that it can help lower blood pressure, and reduce blood glucose levels.

Lemon and Honey are both full of antioxidants, and are traditional remedies used to soothe sore throats, and ease digestive problems.

Morning Rescue tea is a tummy soothing blend of whole leaves of lemon verbena, lemon balm, African mint and lemongrass combined with pieces of root ginger. These ingredients have all been used for millennia to support happy tummies. The gingerols in the ginger, and citrals in the lemon-y ingredients are both anti-inflammatory.


And if you need more advice and support on how to cope with morning sickness, read our blogs here for more top tips

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