HotTea Mama herbal tea for pregnancy being held by pregnant lady showing award winning status

Award winning teas for women's wellness

Our teas are designed to support women's wellness and all those affected by periods, pregnancy, motherhood and menopause.

The Final Push raspberry leaf tea with chilli and pineapple, traditionally used to bring on labour.  Plus customer, Alison D, saying "3 packs of The Final Push = an 11 minute 2nd stage of labour.  Can't ask for more than that!"

Pregnancy Teas

Teas designed for each trimester. Ease morning sickness, get a caffeine-free boost or prepare yourself for labour with raspberry leaf tea.

HotTea Mama Milk's Up Breastfeeding Tea with quote from Charlotte F: "i'm usually sceptical but this tea has helped me so much after my supply dropped'

Breastfeeding Tea

Designed to naturally support nursing mothers, our Milk's Up tea is a hug in a mug. Jam packed with herbs traditionally used to help supply.

HotTea Mama herbal teas to support PMS, menstruation and fertility.


Carefully selected, caffeine-free herbs and flowers can support your body with PMS, PCOS, endometriosis and fertility support.

HotTea Mama Take A Pause Menopause Tea made in a cold brew bottle to help with hot flushes in perimenopause

Menopause Tea

Whether you are perimenopausal or postmenopausal, natural herbs have been used for millennia to support women through this change.

HotTea Mama teas have been featured in national press including the Metro, Baby, Female First and Fabulous