How Tea Can Support Better Periods

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Monthly struggles with periods and PMS are extremely hard to navigate. Tea can be a great natural support to your wellness, offering a holistic way to ease cramping, moderate moods and support your cycle.
Having a hug in a mug, can be both a relief and a support for menstruation issues that effect up to 75% of women. Using only whole ingredients, that have been used for millennia to support reproductive health, our Over the Moon tea is a delicious alternative way to find comfort and support when you need it most. 
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- Raspberry leaf tea is known as ‘the woman’s herb’, and contains fragrine - a potent chemical which makes uterine muscles contract. This can is believed to help strengthen them and long term, can reduce period pain by making your muscles stronger. 
- Chamomile flowers are anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory, with several studies from Iran showing their effectiveness is reducing PMS.
- Rose petals have been used for millennia in the middle east to soothe menstrual pain. A study in Taiwan in 2005 followed 130 women with PMS, and found that those who drank rose tea saw reduced symptoms after 1, 3 and 6 month periods.


- Dandelion root is a great liver tonic in Chinese medicinal terms, and many PMS symptoms are seen to link to liver problems. Dandelion root is a fantastic diuretic to help clean out your liver, and reduce bloating and cramps. 


- Chamomile flowers are shown in studies to reduce symptoms of anxiety, which can sometimes affect us all around our period. 
- Ginko Biloba has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to help reduce inflammation, anxiety and PMS symptoms. It is extremely high in GABA (gamma-aminobutryic acid), which inhibits neuro transmitters in your brain, calming and reducing pain/stress. This is what is believed to be behind research that shows gingko can reduce PMS symptoms by up to 23%. 


- Some scientific Research shows women's fertility rates drop if they drink a high level of caffeine. Therefore, limit your intake to 200mg of caffeine per day if you're trying to get pregnant. This is basically no more than 1 cup of coffee and 1 cup of normal tea. Our Get Up & Glow tea can be a brilliant way to get a boost when you can't have a second coffee. 
- Spearmint has been shown to have a positive impact on hormone levels in women with PCOS, reducing the number of cysts in some studies and balancing estrogen. 
- If trying to conceive it is advised that you only drink Raspberry leaf during your period. Raspberry Leaf strengthens and tones your uterine muscles so you can reintroduce it when 32 weeks pregnant, in preparation for birth. 

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