Meditation For New Mums & Top Tips for Getting Started

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Jenny, mum to Freddie, yoga teacher and co-founder of wellness platform Balance + Glo, shares her experiences as a new mum and how a meditation practise helped support her through those early newborn days and beyond. Jenny and her team have created Bump and Beyond, a series of over 40 online wellness videos created to support you through and beyond pregnancy and early motherhood, including yoga, fitness, breath work, meditation and self care tools to support you through this amazing period of your life.
My Experience
To be totally honest, in the early haze of giving birth, I didn’t feel like moving much at all. Amongst the sleep deprivation, night feeds, newborn cuddles, taking my little new baby for a walk to get him to sleep was the most I could manage. However, in those early days, I really missed the feeling of calm and peace of mind that my yoga practise had given me throughout my pregnancy. So in those first few weeks after birth, I turned to meditation as a form of relaxation and emotional support, and since then it has formed part of my regular yoga practise.
Being a new (and especially first time) parent, brings a lot of worry and responsibility - so for me it became less about being able to do a headstand on my yoga mat but rather about finding tools to support my wellbeing. Time is also at a premium when you have a newborn - so getting 5 or 10 minutes was about manageable at the time. The more I took those few minutes a day to breathe, close my eyes and listen to a guided meditation the more I could let go of what didn't matter and focus on what was important. Connecting back to my body, mind, and relaxing for those few moments became invaluable.
Benefits of Meditating as a New Mum
Reduces stress and anxiety
Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
Improves sleep quality
Connects you with your every changing body
Enhances immunity
Reduces worry as a new parent


New to Meditation?!
 Don't write it off, here are my top tips to get you started:
  1. Start Small - The most effective meditations are those that are short and you can do often. As a new mum, you don't have much spare time, but even 5 mins whilst baby naps can help to change your mindset and allow you to approach challenges in a new way.
  2. Expect your mind to wander - Don’t worry if your mind wanders to a million tasks you have to do, just simply notice it and then return your awareness back to your breath.
  3. Listen to a guided meditation - As a mum, brain space is at a premium, so why not try a guided meditation following the guidance of a teacher. On the Bump + Beyond platform you can access guided meditations including ‘Connect to Your New Mamma Self’ and ‘Meditation for Sleep’ (great for midnight feeds - have a pair of earphones handy!)
  4. Practise Compassion - Practise being patient, kind and compassionate to yourself. You've just been through a life changing experience. Be kind to your body and mind.
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