Morning Sickness Relief - Cloudy Lemonade

Morning Rescue tea box on wooden surface, next to glass of iced tea with lemon and ice in it

Whether you have morning sickness or not, this extremely refreshing iced tea can hit the spot and soothe your soul. 

Made with 3 simple ingredients, it is anti-inflammatory, but can also help your body recover if you've lost electrolytes if you are being sick.




To make a 500ml jug - can keep in fridge for up to a week

1. 300ml freshly boiled water

2. 2 x Morning Rescue tea bags

3. 200ml coconut water

4. Half a lemon - sliced

5. Ice


Morning Rescue tea pack and ginger root with pregnancy book on yellow background, with text overlaid stating: 'designed for morning sickness, designed with herbs to ease nausea, safe for pregnancy'



1. Brew your Morning Rescue tea bags in the freshly boiled water for 30min, or until the water is cold.   

Don't worry about it getting to strong - as the tea is whole leaf, it doesn't get bitter or tannic, but will just release more ginger-flavour and anti-inflammatory gingerols and citrals into the infusion.

2. Top up with 200ml coconut water and place in the fridge to cool

3. Drink whenever it is needed - add a slice of lemon and ice to your glass if you're feeling fancy!



Gingerols - come to the lemonade from the ginger root within the Morning Rescue tea.  These are anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and linked to easing nausea in research done with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy (which can make you extremely nauseous).

Citrals - are found in the lemongrass, lemon balm and lemon verbena in the Morning Rescue tea.  Like gingerols, they are ant-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory, and shown to be a natural support for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Electrolyte RecoveryCoconut water contains electrolytes that you lose from the body when you are sick.  These include potassium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus, and getting them back into your body will help you feel less shaky and hopefully stronger.

Cold Drink - It is much easier to drink cold liquid than hot liquid if you feel sick.  So this iced tea will be easier to sip on than a hot cup of tea.  Only try to drink little and often - as small quantities will also be easier to drink.




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