How Many Cups Of Tea Are OK When You're Pregnant?

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Limiting Tea Drinking When Pregnant

You need to restrict the caffeine in your diet, and the number of fruit and herbal teas you drink, when pregnant. This is because of the impact that they can have on your body and your growing baby.


Caffeine In Pregnancy

Drinking high levels of caffeine is linked to miscarriage and growth restriction in babies.  But don't be too scared - the research looks at huge quantities of caffeine. 

The NHS advises having no more than 200mg of caffeine per day.  If you want to track your caffeine, Tommy's Charity has a brilliant caffeine calculator that you can use.  A cup of black tea has between 40mg and 75mg per cup.


Herbal Tea Limits

Even though fruit and herbal teas are caffeine free, you should still limit the amount you have on a daily basis.

The NHS in Scotland advises no more than 4, and the NHS in England gives the same advice

There are no signs at all that herbal/fruit teas drunk in this quantity are dangerous.  As with most things in life, moderation is key. 


Herbal Ingredients To Avoid


Raspberry Leaf Tea - Third Trimester Only

Red raspberry leaf has been used for millennia to support late pregnancy, and from 32 weeks, it is linked to reducing the pushing stage of labour.  However, it does this by strengthening your uterine muscles.  It contains a compound called fragarine, which makes uterus muscles contract gently.

As a result, you do not want to drink raspberry leaf before 32 weeks.

You may see many 'pregnancy teas' online that contain raspberry leaf tea, and these blends should be avoided - they pose a tiny risk to your pregnancy, but in our opinion, why take it?



Tea with liquorice should also be avoided.  Many herbal teas include them to make them sweet, but they have been shown to lead to high blood pressure.  Look for a warning by the ingredients that says: 'may lead to hypertension' - this means, it will increase your blood pressure.  If you're at risk of preeclampsia, or have any high blood pressure issues, do not drink any tea with liquorice in it.


 All of HotTea Mama's pregnancy teas are safe for pregnancy, as long as you drink within these guidelines.  

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