Which Tea Do I Need In Which Trimester?

Infographic showing pregnant lady outline and listing which tea is needed in which trimester

It can be hard to know which of our teas you need, depending what trimester you are in.  And whilst I'm keen to say - this is only a guide, and you can definitely drink teas outside of the suggested trimester, I hope this can help!

The general rules are as follows...



If you're trying to get pregnant, try to keep your caffeine intake to under 200mg per day.  This is basically one cup of coffee and one cup of tea, but you can find a great caffeine calculator here.  Our Get Up & Glow is a great caffeine alternative, and our Night Owl can help ease any anxiety that you may feel around getting pregnant.


Make sure you avoid too much caffeine again - under 200mg is the NHS guidance.  And also avoid liquorice (it can raise your blood pressure and is in a lot of caffeine free blends) and raspberry leaf.

We recommend our Morning Rescue to help with morning sickness and nausea, and Get Up & Glow.


As you hopefully start to feel better, our Get Up & Glow can still support you in a low caffeine diet, and our Night Owl can help aid sleep if you start to suffer from any pregnancy insomnia.


From 32 weeks, our Final Push is the perfect blend of raspberry leaf tea and whole peppermint.  The raspberry leaf is linked to shorter second stage labour and fewer interventions in birth (it is unlikely to induce labour if you are overdue, so do start it earlier as part of your birth prep instead!).  And whole peppermint leaf will ease digestion as you get more full of baby!

Night Owl can be a big help if you're nervous about birth and labour, in calming you and easing anxiety too.


Once your baby arrives, our Milk's Up tea can help support your milk supply (you can even start drinking it from 37 weeks in combination with hand expressing colostrum).  And Newborn Wonder can give you a slow release caffeine boost when you need it.

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