Weight Gain During Pregnancy - Facts

Weight Gain During Pregnancy - Facts

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy weight gain is often spoken about in very negative terms. Not gaining weight, or rushing to get your pre-pregnancy body back are common themes on social media platforms.

What needs to be highlighted are the factors that contribute to the gain. After all it is a gain - you are gaining an amazingly wonderful little human being at the end of your pregnancy, and it should be celebrated!

The average weight gain is between 25-35 lbs during pregnancy. The majority of which is after week 20, during your second and third trimesters.

It seems obvious, but the weight gain is due to your baby growing, but your body will also be storing fat, ready to make breast milk after your baby is born.


The following factors all contribute to pregnancy weight gain:

Uterine Growth - Your uterine expands between 500 - 1000 times it's usual size during pregnancy

Bloods, Fats & Fluids - your body produces these to help your baby grow, and on average these additional fluids can weigh approximately 17lbs. 

Breast Tissue - your breasts grow as your breast tissue extends and the milk producing cells get bigger.

Placenta - by the end of your pregnancy the  placenta is usually about 22 cm in diameter and 2.0 to 2.5 cm thick, and generally weighs approximately 470g.

Your Baby - babies delivered at full term weight on average between 6-9lbs. 

Most importantly during this time please remember to be kind to yourself, and treat your body with the love it deserves - you are doing great!


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