How Tea Can Support New Mums And Breastfeeding

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Our range of new mum and breastfeeding teas, can help caring for a new baby that little bit easier (who doesn't need that?). They're a great natural support for any new mum in their fourth trimester and beyond.
Choose from blends jam packed with natural galactagogues to support breastfeeding, calming herbs to aid sleep and ease anxiety, or a slow-release caffeine blend to help you power through after a long night.
Below we deep dive into the wonder of the herbs we use to create our delicious and beneficial blends to give you the natural support you deserve.



Milk's Up Breastfeeding Tea
- Fenugreek: is a member of the pea family whose seeds are used amongst other things as the artificial flavour in maple syrup. Its mechanism of action has been theorised as stimulation of sweat production (the breast is a specialised sweat gland). Since herbal remedies are not standardised the exact amount of fenugreek needed to stimulate milk supply varies from person to person. Milk production is said to increase within 24-72 hours. 
- Fennel: is considered a galactagogue by most herbalists, but many also recognise that it’s benefit isn’t in boosting milk supply, but actually making milk more easily available to your baby. This is known as the ‘let down reflex’, and fennel is believed to contain natural chemicals that make this possible. 
- Nettles and anise also have been used historically as galactagogues, though there is limited research into this scientifically. 
- Oats are another natural galactagogue with limited scientific research but having been used for thousands of years of use - so there’s no harm in eating porridge, oat cookies or flapjacks to support your milk supply. 



Night Owl tea


- Chamomile flowers: are high in an anti-oxidant called apigenin, which binds to benzodiazapine receptors in your brain, reducing anxiety and helping you sleep more easily. 
- Valerian root: contains valepotriates which relax muscle tissue and decrease anxiety, as trials have shown. Amazingly, a randomised double-blind clinical trial showed the Valerian tablets (equivalent to 3gms dried herb) was as effective at treating insomnia as the powerful Valium type sedative Oxazepam (10mgs) but there were no morning after adverse effects with the Valerian as opposed to the Oxazepam.
- Limeflowers: in laboratory studies an extract of Limeflowers was shown to reduce anxiety and likewise a sedative effect was obtained when it was inhaled as an essential oil.
- Lavender: has long been used to soothe frayed nerves, and help people drift off to sleep. One particularly interesting open controlled study investigated the effect on aromatherapy on patients receiving dialysis and showed that inhaling lavender significantly decreased anxiety.



Newborn wonder tea box and whole leaf tea bag


- White tea; not black tea with a dash of milk, but white tea! The least processed form of all tea leaf, that is very high in caffeine (c. 90mg per cup) and anti-oxidants (EGCG) but also theanine. Theanine is a relaxant that gives the caffeine in the blend a gentle, slow release. To support you for longer when you need it most.

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