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As an expectant parent you might find friends, family, and shop assistants(!) telling you that you will definitely need this or the other for your new baby, and soon the costs can add up. The truth is that there are only a few essentials you need for your baby and many of these can be bought secondhand or even rented to help you save money:


Moses basket/crib

Unless you are planning to co-sleep from the beginning, you’ll need a Moses basket or small cot until you decide to move your baby into their own room, usually at around six months. The Chicco Next2Me is a popular choice as you can adjust it to your bed height and tilt it up if your baby is congested at night. There are plenty of these available secondhand, although it’s generally recommended to buy a new mattress. 


Another one you can’t really get away without - focus on bodysuits and babygrows to start with. Babies will need a whole new wardrobe every three months, so to keep costs down you can buy secondhand or even rent baby clothes from services like Borro where you can get the best baby brands at a fraction of the retail price.


Pram or sling


Think about your lifestyle before you decide what kind of pram you want - if you live in a big city you might want to go for a compact one or if you’re planning to do the weekly shop with it, one with a big basket underneath is a good choice. It’s worth looking for a secondhand good quality pram, especially if you’re not sure how much you might use it. Similarly if you’re not sure if your baby will like a sling, ask to borrow one from a friend, try a sling library, or buy one secondhand. 



Aldi nappies are probably the most popular as they are cheap and effective (being more than four times cheaper than Pampers). Reusable nappies can save you money in the long run, especially if you buy them secondhand. Likewise reusable wipes will save you money and they actually work a lot better than wet wipes! Cheeky Wipes is a popular option, although you can just cut up an old towel!



Car seat

The hospital won’t actually let you take your baby home unless they see them in a car seat, so unless you have a home birth and never drive anywhere, you’ll need one. It’s generally not advised to buy a secondhand car seat so opt for a good basic one like the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix. Remember to double check it fits your car and will connect with your pram.



It can be tempting to get a monitor with all the bells and whistles - HD screens, video recording, temperature and humidity monitoring… basically all you need is to be able to hear, and maybe see, your baby. Going for something basic can save you £100, and some sleep when you’re not worrying that the humidity is too high!


Our guest blog was written by Sara Green the founder of Borro.

Borro rents the best, high quality baby clothes brands at a fraction of the price of buying.

By renting clothing it means that you are doing a great thing for the planet and your little one. Borro's baby clothes are all organic, so they are the best for babies skin and the environment.

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