HotTea Mama Named Best Maternity Product at the UK Baby Award's 2019

Milk's Up Breastfeeding Tea box with whole leaf tea bag and Baby Award Logo showing Best Maternity Product 2019

Our Teas Are Award Winning

We're so proud to say that we just won 'Best Maternity Product' in the 2019 Baby Awards.

It was quite an emotional night for us, as we were up against some big brands, and some amazing new start ups like us.  But to be the award winner, was magical.

Bethan went on her own, as Kate is based in Sydney for now, and had to get a stranger to hold her drink as she went up on stage to be given the award.  Quite a surreal moment when on your own.

The trophy is now pride of place in Bethan's kitchen aka. HotTea Mama head office :)


Explore the full award winning range.

 a galactagogue rich tea to support your breastfeeding journey, a raspberry leaf tea  to prepare for birth, a caffeine-free alternative to coffee, a  calming sleep aid, and a slow release caffeine blend.  


Pregnancy Teas

Choose from a tea to help with morning sicknessraspberry leaf tea to prepare for birth or a caffeine-free alternative to coffee.

Pregnant lady in pink top drinking tea from yellow mug while touching baby bump


Breastfeeding Teas

Find a galactagogue rich tea to support your breastfeeding journey, and teas to calm your soul.

Milk's Up breastfeeding tea packs on purple and turquoise background with bottle and milk pump


Sleep Support Teas

Explore a range of teas to support your sleep needs - from relaxation and calm, to uplifting boost.

Sleep Support Teas

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Pack shot of The Final Push tea box with whole leaf tea and UK Baby Awards logo

Mother & Baby Magazine love The Final Push Raspberry Leaf Tea

The Mental Load

The Mental Load

Close up shot of baby's hand and feet, holding onto a box of Newborn Wonder tea

White Tea & Anti-oxidants


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