Gurgle Magazine Loves Our Tea!

Page from Gurgle magazine showing new arrivals including HotTea Mama

We are so excited that Gurgle Magazine has featured our pregnancy teas, breastfeeding teas and mama support blends as one of their new finds in their first edition of 2018.  Check it out… 

Gurgle Magazine recommends pregnancy, mama teas by HotTea Mama. Ideal for baby shower gifts!

It’s hard to say how seeing our teas in print. After over a year of work from concept to launch makes us feel…EMOTIONAL!

Proud, excited, happy, a little bit teary. It might be the sleep deprivation of the never ending four month sleep regression, but it’s possibly the best start to 2018 that we could hope for.

2017 was the year that we first discussed the idea of creating a range of pregnancy teas, and teas for new mums to help with breastfeeding and the other demands of motherhood. We wanted to make a cool brand, with delicious teas that were both safe for pregnant women and new mums to drink.  But they had to be tasty. There is no reason that caffeine free should mean flavour free, or that healthy should mean medicinal. The nursing teas that we discovered when starting breastfeeding were medicinal and hard to swallow, we wanted to create the opposite.

It is essentially, the pregnancy tea that we wish we could have bought when we were pregnant.  The baby shower gift that we wished we could have given to all our friends in the past. Teas that you want to keep drinking even when you’re not pregnant or supporting a newborn. Teas that mums, dads and grandparents would all eventually get behind!

The fact that the experts at Gurgle agree that it’s the perfect baby shower gift for a tea loving mum-to-be or new mum makes our hearts sing!

We’re so proud of our six little teas, that the first week of 2018 will be full of constant kitchen discos and mini-celebrations!

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