Fertility Tea - Does It Exist?

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Fertility & Tea

Women often contact us to ask if we have a tea to help with fertility.  We don't.  And the main reason for this, is that there isn't enough evidence to suggest any one herb or tea, can do this.

However, there are small scale studies and anecdotal evidence to suggest that some teas may be able to support you - with no guarantee of creating a baby, but the potential that they could help.

1. Limit caffeine

Some scientific research has shown that women's fertility rates drop if they drink a very high level of caffeine.  As a result, most doctors recommend no more than 200mg of caffeine per day if you're trying to get pregnant.  This is basically no more than 1 cup of coffee and 1 cup of normal tea.  You can track your caffeine intake here: https://www.tommys.org/pregnancy-information/planning-a-pregnancy/are-you-ready-to-conceive/caffeine-and-getting-pregnant

Don't limit yourself unnecessarily - 200mg is fine, and we all need a lift sometimes but turning to decaf or herbal teas is a good idea.  Our Get Up & Glow tea can be a brilliant way to get a boost when you can't have a second coffee. 

2. Raspberry Leaf Tea

It may sound funny, as once pregnant, you shouldn't drink raspberry leaf until 32 weeks (read here for why!), but it may help you to conceive.

It tones and strengthens the uterus, so many people believe this can improve fertility rates, in helping an egg implant into the uterus.  There is no scientific research done on this, but there is certainly no harm in trying it.  Providing that once you're pregnant, you stop drinking the tea until you're 32 weeks pregnant.

There is also anecdotal evidence that if you're going through IVF, drinking it before an implant procedure may also help.  There's a great account of what one lady who successfully had a baby via IVF did to increase her likelihood of success, and it included drinking raspberry leaf tea.  You can read it here: https://www.sprinklesandseasalt.com/frosting/infertility/how-i-prepared-for-ivf/


3. Tea to ease anxiety

Trying to get pregnant can be a really stress inducing procedure - even if at the start it just sounds like a good excuse for sex!

If you're struggling with anxiety and stress in this process, it's unlikely to help you conceive.  But finding a way to relax can be hard.  Tea can help with relaxation, reducing stress and aiding sleep.

Our Night Owl tea is full of calming botanicals, designed to support your body in winding down and removing stress.  Whole chamomile flowers, valerian root, limeflowers and lavender have all been shown in research to have calming and anxiety relieving benefits.  We've blended them together to make the ultimate calming cuppa.  It may help you relax when you need it.  And whilst it won't get you pregnant, it may help you enjoy the process a little more.


Our Fertility Support Set combines our Over the Moon menstruation tea and Night Owl calming tea, as the perfect hugs in mugs, if you are TTC...

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