Newborn Wonder No-jito

Newborn Wonder No-jito

Mojito's are surely one of the top five cocktails to enjoy when on a night out..? They are minty, zingy and ever so slightly sweet with a crunch of brown sugar. So if it is a weeknight, or you are looking to cut out alcohol, this mocktail is a great alternative to a rum based drink.

Our Newborn Wonder tea is a delicately floral, uplifting tea with fragrant whole rose buds. This gives the mocktail a subtle depth of flavour, which is complemented by the sharpness of the lime, and fresh mint.

Newborn Wonder No-jito


To make two tall glasses

2 Newborn Wonder white tea tea bags

300ml, 80 degree water

1 lime 

Handful of mint

2 tsp brown sugar

Soda water




- Put the Newborn Wonder tea bags in a jug and pour over the *80 degree water.

- Brew for 10 mins

- Remove the tea bags and allow to cool

- Half fill the glasses with ice

- Add the mint, brown sugar, and the juice of half a lime into each glass

- Muddle the ingredients together until some of the sugar has dissolved into the lime

- Pour equal amounts of the cooled tea into the glasses, and top up with soda water 

* 80 degree water - boil your kettle and leave to cool for 5 mins with the lid open. Boiling water can make Newborn Wonder taste bitter, and lessen the subtle rose flavour.


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