Guilt Free Mulled Wine Recipe

Mulled wine recipe with Baby It's Cold Outside caffeine free tea
Getting into the festive spirit has never been healthier or tastier with our guilt free mulled wine recipe. All you need is our Baby It’s Cold Outside Christmas tea

🎄Add 2 Baby It’s Cold Outside tea bags to a saucepan

🎄 Pour over 600ml of freshly boiled water

🎄 Add a sprinkle of your favourite Christmas spices (you don’t need it as the tea is jam packed but it adds a nice dimension!) - we love cardamom, cinnamon and star anise

🎄Simmer for 10 minutes

🎄 Add 50ml orange juice - with bits is best

🎄 Strain into a jug or glasses and enjoy!

It’s so simple - alcohol free, caffeine free and refined sugar free. So much healthier than a mulled wine, and suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding too!

We this Mrs. Claus would approve, because Santa is a woman after all…

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