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HotTea Mama Subscriptions

Give yourself, or someone you love, the ultimate tea gift. A subscription gift service of herbal teas that support pregnancy and motherhood.

We have curated 3 subscription packages to support women in three key stages of their motherhood journey. They can be the perfect gift to make the mum you care about, feel special with each cup of tea. A cup of our tea supports women both physically and emotionally.

Each tea subscription package is designed to deliver a tailored tea delivery when you need it most. 

The ultimate pregnancy gift. Designed to give you a little something to support and lift you through each trimester of pregnancy - from the early days of the first trimester to the hazy mornings of the fourth.

£65.00 for 1 yearSign up now

Breastfeeding is hard. Amazing, but hard. Get a monthly delivery of tea to support you on your journey. With 6 packs for the price of 5, and free delivery included it is a delicious and soothing way to support you, and your milk production.

£30.00 / monthSign up now

Sleep - that precious, illusive and magical thing that babies take away and replace with love. Toddlers won't allow you much, and teenagers also bring on sleepless night! This package is for mums at all stages of life.

£18.00 / monthSign up now

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