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Pregnancy Gift Set


The perfect herbal tea pregnancy gift, 3 teas designed to support women throughout pregnancy and into motherhood.

UK delivery free of charge.
Contains 3 packs of 15 whole leaf, biodegradable tea pyramids.
They can be used to make 90 cups of tea or more.



It’s hard to know what to get someone as a pregnancy gift when they announce they are expecting a baby as pregnancy is pretty restrictive. Champagne is out, and whilst shoveling chocolate into your mouth is tempting when pregnant, it’s not the best!

We’ve created our herbal tea pregnancy gift set as the perfect option for any tea-loving mum to be, either as a thoughtful gift to your best friend, or a great addition for baby showers and work maternity leave gift sets.

For the pregnant mum, our  3 caffeine-free herbal tea infusions will ease nausea, provide energy, and help prepare for birth. Each contains whole leaf teas in biodegradable tea pyramids.  Each is carefully crafted for a specific stage of pregnancy.

Men, your partners and wives will love you even more. This is the pregnancy gift they want to receive. A great way to show you care and support them during this roller coaster of an experience.


Morning Rescue:

For the mornings, afternoons, evenings or nights when your tummy needs to be settled. Whole leaves of lemon verbena, mint and lemongrass combine with pieces of root ginger for a soothing cuppa.


Get Up & Glow:

When you need a boost, but caffeine is off the menu, this zingy fruit infusion hits the spot.  Bursting with tropical tart, sweet flavours, it will have you energised in no time.


The Final Push:

Prepare for birth from 32 weeks on.  Raspberry leaf  has been used for millennia to prepare the body for labour.  In combination with peppermint it is both delicious and useful.


  1. Odessa

    I adore the concept as much as these teas are delicious. The flavours are well considered, and there is something luxuriant and honest about seeing the ingredients as they are and not as a powder. I feel loved and considered because very few places think so carefully about the needs of an expectant/New mother and even less about being reusable. So thank you, the tea magician for providing a beverage hug for all parts of an otherwise cold tea type of journey!

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