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Keep Cup gift for pregnancy and motherhood


This HotTea Mama KeepCup means you can take your tea with you, just incase you didn’t get the chance to finish it, quietly by yourself at home!  Whether you’re pushing a pram, wearing a baby, or simply multi-tasking, the non-spill lid gives you the reassurance that you won’t splash yourself or your kids with your tea, and it gives you a fighting chance of drinking a hot cup of tea.


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Motherhood means you’re always on the move. The Keep Cup gift for pregnancy and motherhood that we’ve chosen is designed to fit into the cup holder of pushchairs. We’ve tested its ability to withstand pacing the streets with a crying baby, and it works every time (at keeping your tea safe and warm, the calming baby part we can’t guarantee).

Over 7 million takeaway cups get thrown away every day in the UK alone, and less than 1% of them are recycled. This cup is an eco-friendly solution for any tea loving mum who is on the go, and she needs to take her caffeine free delicious HotTea Mama freshly brewed tea with her.

  • There is a coloured band to prevent your hand getting too hot.
  • They are dishwasher safe.
  • 340ml capacity.

*If you buy a keep cup and a box of tea, you get free delivery within the UK. What’s not to love about that!



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