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Pregnancy Gift Set

Sleep like a baby gift mug


We know that all mums, and especially new mums, will “get” this. Sleep is at an all time low, throughout some or all stages of motherhood.

Our new and cheeky sleep like a baby gift mug is the perfect complement to your tea drinking, and HotTea Mama tea purchase. Shop now for Christmas!

*If you purchase a mug and a box of tea, you’ll get free shipping within the UK!


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Every tea, needs a cup

Every cup of delicious tea, needs to be drunk from a mug that gives you an emotional boost at the same time.

The perfect complement to your HotTea Mama tea purchase, is our cheeky sleep like a baby gift mug.

We know husbands, partners are often amazing supports throughout the night. But, we also know that all mums, and especially new mums, will “get” this.

Whether you’re pregnant, in the fourth trimester, or surrounded by teenagers – motherhood is amazing but challenging. Taking a moment to yourself, to enjoy a hot cup of tea is important, and the right mug can make you enjoy it even more.

Though who are we kidding that the tea is always hot?! It’s why we have microwave tested our teas and why this cheeky mug phrase works on so many levels. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, so even if you have to re-heat for an unexpected nappy change, homework assistance or plain and simple pregnancy brain forgetfulness, it’s the perfect partner to our teas.

Taking a moment to have a cup of tea will allow you to summon the energy to keep going, and to emotionally re-charge throughout your day. So what better way to support every mama, than with an emotionally supportive reminder, that we are all in this together.

Support yourself, or a mother you know today. We all need it.

*And remember, delivery is free if you add one pack of tea to your order (for delivery within the UK only).


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