Mama Teas

Motherhood and breastfeeding are amazing, but they’re also exhausting and challenging. Our HotTea Mama breastfeeding tea range and gifts for new Mums are here to help women adjust to this journey of motherhood. Designed by two women who are Mothers and one is also one of Britain's leading tea tasters, we've worked tirelessly to create delicious tea blends, that have functional benefits. We have jam packed our whole leaf herbal infusions with as many herbs as possible, whilst ensuring they taste well-balanced and scrumptious. We wish we had these teas when we were new Mums.

Newborn Wonder

Our soothing, anti-oxidant rich, white tea blend has been created with White Peony tea, Rose buds. Designed to be a gift for the new Mum to have once her newborn baby has arrived. Something delicious just for the Mum. They've just given birth. They deserve it.

Milk's Up

A caffeine-free support for your milk supply. Each tea pyramid is packed with Fenugreek, fennel, anise, nettle, rosemary. Herbs chosen for their ability to support a mother's milk supply. Perfect gift for breastfeeding Mums.

Night Owl

Our calming blend to aid sleep. A beautiful, well-balanced blend of Camomile, rooibos, limeflowers, valerian, lavender. Perfect for new Mums up breastfeeding at all hours. Something nice to have in your tea cup at 9pm/1am/5am...

Get Up & Glow

Get a caffeine-free spring in your step with our fruit infusion. Tropical fruit, grapes, hibiscus, rosehip make for an anti-oxidant rich cup of tea. Ideal for new mothers who need a yummy, caffeine-free energy boost.

Every Mama Gift Set

The perfect gift for tea loving mums at any stage of motherhood. Perfect gift for Mother's Day. If you know a Mum who loves tea, this is the gift she wants you to buy. Made by Mothers, for Mothers. We know what we want.

Morning Rescue

Our tummy soothing, caffeine-free blend of Lemongrass, verbena, ginger root, mint is perfect for that early morning pick me up. Early starts with a newborn baby can be rough. It's nice to have a cup of tea to help.

New Mama Gift Set

3 teas to help new Mums on their motherhood journey. Perfect to celebrate the arrival of a new baby gift, the baby shower gift, or just as something lovely to support a new Mum. They always deserve it.

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