Homemade Christmas Mince Pie Recipe

Mince Pie recipe by HotTea Mama

Nanny Betty’s Christmas Mince Pie Recipe – HotTea Mama and Toddler Friendly Baking

This Christmas Mince Pie recipe makes 12 pies

I always double / triple the recipe. 12 mince pies will not last long and they make excellent gifts for neighbours and teachers. In the photos below, I am working with a doubled recipe.

This pastry recipe is from my Grandmother. A favourite in the family. Hope you enjoy it, and the moments that come with.

homemade christmas mince pie recipe

Nanny Betty’s Homemade Christmas Mince Pies


What You Need:

Non stick shallow Mince Pie Pan -12 holes

Rolling Pin (or wine bottle in my case, as I threw out our rolling pin when we moved recently)

Tin Cutters – of two different sizes, to fit with your mince pie pan.

Icing Sugar to dust

1 Jar of Roberstons Fruit Mincemeat



2 cups Self Raising Flour

½ cup Caster Sugar

125g Butter at room temperature

1 Egg


Child friendly Christmas mince pie recipe

Nanny Betty’s Christmas Mince Pie Prep


What You Don’t Need

1 wanna be toilet training toddler who insists on wearing underpants

2 toddlers fighting over who puts the flour everywhere but in the mixer


Baking with toddlers

Baking with Toddlers….



Butter the Mince Pie pan

Turn oven on to 180 degrees


Combine in a mixer, butter and sugar.

Add in egg and continue mixing.

Add in Self Raising flour and combine all until it has formed a pastry.


Cooking with kids

Pastry looks….and tastes ready


Knead the dough on the bench and form it into a ball.

Baking with kids

Kids love this part

Place it in a container / bowl with cling film, and in the refrigerator to chill for at least 30mins.

NB: You can freeze the pastry, if you make extra. Defrost when you need to make those extra batches of pies.

While the pastry chilled, I was able to clean up an accident thanks to my underpant wearing 2yr old. Break up some arguments between the toddlers, and make myself a cup of our HotTea Mama Night Owl, because frankly I needed the moment. My expectations to bake with toddlers started out high. By the time we got to rolling out the pastry I had much lower expectations of the experience, and removed one toddler off for her day sleep.

baking with toddlers

While we waited….


HotTea Mama moment had. Let the Christmas baking continue.

homemade christmas mince pie recipe

Rolling out the pastry. The good part for kids.

Take the pastry out of the refrigerator and cover the bench with some flour (I use whatever is in the cupboard, self raising /plain flour).

Knead the pastry in the flour and put some flour on your rolling pin.

Roll out the pastry.

Using the larger tin cutter, make your shapes, and then carefully peel them off and place them in your buttered mince pie pan.

Homemade Xmas mince pie recipe

Making the shapes is fun 🙂

Spoon in a tablespoon of mincemeat into each pie

Roll out the remainder of your pastry, and use the smaller tin cutter to make your smaller shapes for the top of the pies.

Homemade Xmas mince pie recipe

Some people like lots of mincemeat, some like a little. Do what you like.

Again, carefully peel them off and place them on top of each pie. Squash/press them around the edges to ensure the lids bake into the base of the pie.

Homemade Xmas mince pie recipe

Good to go in the oven


Place them in the oven to bake for up to 20mins. Remove when just starting to turn golden.

Once cool, dust icing sugar over the tops to make them wintery.


Homemade Xmas mince pie recipe

Slightly Golden Christmas Mince Pies

Enjoy at anytime of day/night with a freshly brewed cup of HotTea Mama.

Apparently Santa is a particular fan on Christmas night.

Homemade Xmas mince pie recipe

Kids asleep. Delicious. Take a moment with HotTea Mama. You always need it.


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