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Pregnancy Teas

The Pregnancy Food Company’s Top 10 Preconception Tips

The wonderful Laura from The Pregnancy Food Company shares her nutritional advice for anyone about to embark on their motherhood journey, trying to get pregnant. 1. Preconception is a time for you an your partner to slow down and assess life. Are there any unnecessary stresses we can remove from our daily lives? Stress is…

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Award Winning Morning Sickness Tea

Have you considered trying our morning sickness tea?  Morning Rescue? It just won a bronze award for best morning sickness products in the 2018 Bizziebaby Awards. We’re beyond delighted.  It was inspired by the nausea that both Kate and I experienced when pregnant with our babies.  Mine was much worse with Hector – some people…

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Plastic in our tea bags…no thanks

Say what? Plastic tea bags?  Who ever would have guessed it.  But, yes, you may have seen in the news recently that there is plastic in traditional tea bags contain plastics.  Only a very tiny amount, but a very tiny amount that will not biodegrade. PLASTIC TEA In Britain alone we drink 165 million cups…

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