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Fruit Tea

Plastic in our tea bags…no thanks

Say what? Plastic tea bags?  Who ever would have guessed it.  But, yes, you may have seen in the news recently that there is plastic in traditional tea bags contain plastics.  Only a very tiny amount, but a very tiny amount that will not biodegrade. PLASTIC TEA In Britain alone we drink 165 million cups…

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Homemade Christmas Mince Pie Recipe – For Your Christmas Cup of Tea

Nanny Betty’s Christmas Mince Pie Recipe – HotTea Mama and Toddler Friendly Baking This Christmas Mince Pie recipe makes 12 pies I always double / triple the recipe. 12 mince pies will not last long and they make excellent gifts for neighbours and teachers. In the photos below, I am working with a doubled recipe.…

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Get Up and Glow – Mulled Wine for Pregnancy

GET UP AND GLOW – MULLED WINE RECIPE Christmas can be a slightly depressing time to be pregnant, with most people out drinking mulled wine and prosecco in the evenings, and strong coffee in the morning. No such luck if you’re growing a tiny human. In solidarity with those who can’t drink this Christmas time,…

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Get Up & Glow – Pregnancy Fruit Tea

It’s horribly easy to pick up a cold or sickness in pregnancy or when surrounded by babies and toddlers.  Our Get Up and Glow blend is designed to help you feel at your very best and boost your immune system wherever possible. Like the fresh fruits that they’re made from, the fruit in our Get…

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