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Archive for October 2017

Newborn Wonder White Tea – EGCG Antioxidants

Throughout your pregnancy, you may have held back on drinking too much caffeine due to NHS guidance.  When you can finally indulge in caffeine, it’s often desperately needed after long nights of feeding and broken sleep.  However, rather than end up buzzing from too much black tea, we’ve picked an incredible white peony white tea…

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Morning Rescue – Anti-Nausea

Morning Rescue pyramid tea for morning sickness

Morning sickness is hideous.  And if you’re incredibly unlucky, it won’t just hit you in the morning.  It won’t disappear in your second trimester.  Kate Middleton isn’t the only one who gets hit hard with one of the worst parts of pregnancy. There’s a long history of using natural herbs to relieve sickness, in China…

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Breastfeeding Tea – Milk Supply & Herbs

Breastfeeding is amazing once it’s established and working well.  However, at first it can be really hard – I remember crying alone at 3am while I expressed milk after a failed attempt to feed my daughter over 90 minutes. Not quite the magical mother moment that I was hoping for. Whether it’s that your baby…

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Get Up & Glow – Pregnancy Fruit Tea

It’s horribly easy to pick up a cold or sickness in pregnancy or when surrounded by babies and toddlers.  Our Get Up and Glow blend is designed to help you feel at your very best and boost your immune system wherever possible. Like the fresh fruits that they’re made from, the fruit in our Get…

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Night Owl – Sleep And Herbal Tea

Each of the ingredients in our Night Owl blend have been carefully selected to help relax you, and either soothe the stress that a baby and toddler can often bring into your life, or help you drift back to sleep whenever you’re able to get a chance. Whilst it’s not a medicine, and will affect…

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